Asset Types

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What is an asset type?

Asset types are used when registering new assets. They help classify the asset and collect correct information to set up the appropriate connection to the asset.

step 1

How do I add a new asset type?

Click the Settings cog icon at the top right hand corner.

Select Asset Types.

Click on New Asset Type.

step 2

Enter an asset Type (required).

Enter an asset Sub Type (if applicable).

Select the Icon that you want to use for this asset type (required).

Enter the Icon Colour (required). You can select a hexadecimal code (e.g., #ffffff) or pick a colour from the colour selector available when selecting an icon.

Select a Category (Report or Data Source).

Asset types in both categories of Report and Data Source will also appear in the Data Catalogue. The opposite does not apply as Entity Types created for the Data Catalogue will not appear in the BI Catalogue and cannot be selected as a category when creating an Asset Type.

Report Category

If you selected the Report category, URL will be the only option available under ‘Action’.

Enter a URL Description

Data Source Category

If you selected the Data Source category, you will have the option of ‘ODC File’ and ‘URL’ under ‘Action’.

For ‘URL’, provide a URL Description (do the same as above).

However, if you select ‘ODC File’, you will need to provide an ODC file template. Follow the steps here to create an ODC file.

Replace all asset specific values with a token in the format of {{Token Name}}.

Copy and paste the code into the ODC Template field.

Tokens will automatically be detected. You can provide a friendly name for each of the tokens.

step 4

In the next section found in the right-hand slideout you will find the Asset Embedding section. You cannot embed assets when creating a new asset. Once this asset type is saved you may upload a suitable customization library for embedding purposes. Asset embedding will depend on the Asset Type, you can learn how to embed assets for our existing asset types here. You will also find the Layout section in the right-hand slideout, the layout for this asset type can be modified once the asset type has been created.

Click Save in the right-hand slideout.

The new type will be listed in the Asset Types list.

Loome Publish Asset Types

Loome Publish comes with a default set of asset types to use when you first install the application. These Asset types are built in and cannot be removed, but there are some properties of these Asset types that can be edited.

Below is a list of these asset types:

Loome Publish Asset Types

This Asset Type List will also include Entity Types from the Data Catalogue. Entity types can only be created in the Data Catalogue, and their only editable fields are the Icon and Icon Colour.