Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes are fields that provide information about your Entities. Administrators can click on the Settings Cog and will find Custom Attributes under Manage.

On this page, Administrators can view and manage Custom Attributes that apply to their Entity Types. Administrators can also permanently delete a Custom Attribute in the attribute’s edit view.

Types of Attributes

There are five types of Attributes that can be attached to Entities.

Attribute Type Description
Text A Text Attribute is where a Steward can provide notes about an Entity, an example used in the Data Catalogue is creating a description field. When creating a text attribute, users have the option to select a Short Text field or a Multiline Text field. A Short text field cannot be greater than 120 characters and will display on the Entity Board. It can be used for labelling certain properties of an entity. A Multiline text field can go over 120 characters and is edited in a multiline text editor that appears after clicking on the field. The complete text can be read when viewing an individual entity. An empty text field will display as ’…’
Person A Person Attribute is used to tag a user to an entity. An example of use is assigning a user who is an expert on the asset.
Group The Group Attribute is used to tag a group.
Person-Group The Person-Group Attribute can be used to tag either a Person or a Group.
True-False A True-False Attribute is used to select either Yes or No for each entity.

The Person, Group, Person-Group attributes can be Single Select or Multi Select in order for users to choose more than one person or group.

All Custom Attributes do not have to apply to all Entity Types. Users can select specific Entity Types that the Custom Attribute will apply to by using the Related Entity Types field. Users also have the option of selecting all Entity types by clicking on the Select All checkbox at the top of the Related Entity Types list.

A Custom Attribute must apply to at least one Entity Type.

How do I add a new Custom Attribute?

Click on the Settings Cog icon at the top right of your page.

Select Custom Attributes.

Select Add a New Custom Attribute.

Enter a Name (required).

Enter a Description (required).

Select its Type.

Custom Attribute types

Select its Related Entity Types (required).

Fill in required fields

Select whether it is Required (required).

Select whether it will be displayed in Card View under Pin to Entity Card (required).

If you have selected to pin a custom attribute to an entity card and you have also edited the entity type layout, please note that the layout selected for an entity type will take precedence over whether you have pinned a custom attribute. Read more about editing the layout of entity types and asset types here.

Select whether it is required or pinned to card view

Click Save.

The new Custom Attribute will be shown with its own column in List View, and as an information field and pinned to its card (if selected) in Card View.