Version 4.8


Customisable asset card layouts

You can now customise your asset boards by selecting what you would like displayed on an asset card. Administrators can choose what they would like pinned on an asset card (such as their metadata, usage and custom attributes) and configure the order of these pinned items for each individual asset type.

Centrally managed tags, including optional approval stage gate

Administrators can now manage many different aspects of tags, such as approving whether a tag will be displayed to all users, deciding on the case sensitivity of tags (this is useful for users who want to manage multiple similar tags that were reproduced due to different cases), and editing, filtering and searching through their tags on one page.

An administrator can also choose to select a user as a tag manager who can also publish and edit tags.

Mention users in discussions to tag and notify them

You can now tag a user in a discussion and this will notify that user and allow them access the discussion.

Audience targeted draft areas to separate draft content

Administrators can create multiple draft areas to separate their draft assets and target these draft areas to different audiences, so publishers of different areas of the business can publish drafts independently of one another.

Delegate control of terms within a term set to users within the business

Administrators can delegate control of a metadata term or termset and allow a user to edit and add new terms to this allocated term or termset. This will allow this user access to the metadata page to view their allocated terms and all child terms.

Additional system notifications

We have added additional system notifications that will notify you via email for errors that occur when syncing source systems, when new tags are added and when tags require approval.

Support for Power BI App content

We have added the ability to both sync and embed dashboards, reports, and tiles from Power BI Apps in User Owns Data mode.

Documentation for ThoughtSpot and Power BI App Content will be coming in the next week.


  • Improved support for ThoughtSpot.

    • We have added the ability to sync content from ThoughtSpot, including Pinboards and App Parts. We have also added embedding support for App Parts.
  • We now provide support for SSRS 2019.

  • We improved the asset type management pages

  • We have updated the Data Catalogue loader that performs import/export operations.

  • We have improved notifications so that users can see the time that a notification occurred.

  • We have improved our bulk edit process to include the ability to delete multiple assets at once.

  • We have improved notifications that appear while editing asset details.

  • We have added audience targeting to the Control Node. You can now target source systems (Loome Publish nodes) to different audiences in a Control Node, so that only these selected audiences will see those Loome Publish nodes.

  • In the Control Node, users can now change the order of items on the App Navigation Panel.

  • We have improved the icon picker so that users can easily identify, search and select an icon from a visual list in Loome Publish.

  • We have also improved the colour picker so that users can select colours from a visual display of the colour spectrum when editing asset and entity types.

  • We have improved the embedding library development process so that users can quickly and easily build new libraries and edit existing libraries.

  • We have improved tile layouts so that an embedded asset tile can become a clickable link.

  • Your Favourites asset board can be easily accessed using a tile layout that is available to all new Loome Publish installations.

  • We improved navigation so that users can choose the additional default of starting Loome Publish with the navigation expanded. Also, if navigation terms have been selected to not display in the Control Node slideout by default, the slideout will not remain open when navigating to that Loome Publish node.

  • We have improved the outgoing mail configuration to also include a field for a Sender email that can be used to send emails under an alias email account such as a shared mailbox.

  • Notifications will now be limited to a number of 50 so the Notification Hub is not over cluttered with a large number of notifications.

  • We have improved the performance of our Loome Publish Control node sync, especially in relation to how much resources are used by periodic syncing.

  • The Control node and Loome Publish nodes will sync source systems and display improved error messages.


  • The date filter will filter discussions to display all results in the selected time-span.

  • Pinned multiline custom attributes will display in card view.

  • Clicking on a child term in the navigation slideout will no longer close the slideout.

  • We have fixed the wording of descriptions in the Usage Dashboard.

  • We have also fixed the alignment of fields when editing an asset.

  • We have improved the button display when saving and publishing an asset in drafts.

  • When assets do not have any tags, empty tags will not display it the asset board slicers.

  • Register another item’ will now direct you to the correct page to register another asset after you have registered your first asset.

  • Http Calls will be imported into Control Nodes for embedding purposes.

  • Power BI content in User Owns Data mode will now embed on first load, rather than the error where it could not obtain a token on first load.

  • We have removed a Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability from the search box.

  • A pinned Favourites tile layout will correctly sync into a Control node.

  • We have fixed a typo on asset cards.

  • We fixed the issue where ThoughtSpot Embedding Http Calls fail without a notification for non-ThoughtSpot users.

  • The search result cache will be cleaned daily for any orphan records (removed assets and entities).

  • We have fixed an issue with Azure AD Publish instances in which an initial login would sometimes result in a blank screen, requiring the clearing of cache. This issue was commonly seen when using Firefox.

  • We have fixed an issue where the sub-menu on the left-hand navigation did not update once you have navigated to another page.

  • We have fixed minor issues with the first time import experience for the Control Node.

  • The [Hangfire] schema will be cleaned on server start up to avoid excessive database sizes.