Database Creation

Follow the steps below to setup the initial database and service account access.

Open SQL Server Management Studio from the start menu.

Connect to your database instance where the database will be stored.

From the Object Explorer, right click on ‘Databases’ and select ‘New Database…’.

step 25

Enter EnterpriseBIPortal or a name of your choosing under ‘Database name’.

Click ‘OK’.

step 26

From the ‘Object Explorer’, expand ‘Security’ and then right click on ‘Logins’ and select ‘New Login…’.

step 27

Click on ‘Search’.

Change the ‘From this location’ to ‘Entire Directory’.

Find the service account that will run the Loome Publish IIS site.

Click ‘OK’.

step 28

Click on the ‘User Mapping’ section.

Tick the box for the newly created database.

Change the ‘Default Schema’ to ‘dbo’.

Under ‘Database role membership for database’ select ‘db_owner’.

Click ‘OK’.

step 29