Loome Publish can be deployed to both the cloud and on premises in a number of scenarios. The portal itself is an ASP.NET based application that makes use of Internet Information Services/Azure App Service for hosting of the web application and SQL Server database engine in either the cloud or on-premises for hosting of the database. Authentication and Directory Services are provided by Active Directory in all scenarios, either by Azure AD, or on-premises AD via an identity provider. We can provide authorisation on either users, groups, or a combination of both.

Loome Publish is recommended to be provided over a secure channel (SSL) in all scenarios, and in most scenarios, will not function without the presence of SSL. This will require you to plan an appropriate strategy for SSL delivery.

The portal is extremely light weight on server requirements due to its nature of leaving source reporting systems to handle the heavy lifting.

Please read Deployment Scenarios to understand which deployment type suits your needs.

Installation Instructions