Version 4.5

Usage and Auditing

We’ve added usage and auditing to Loome Publish. We now collect interactions and unique interactions (unique by user) on assets within the portal.

This information is used to provide a number of benefits to consumers, they can now;

  • See usage over time as sparklines on asset cards.
  • Sort views by recency and popularity.
  • View top 20 recent and top 20 popular views.

Admins also get a greater view of the portal;

  • View a graph that provides usage over time for the portal, and drill down to specific terms to see their overall usage.
  • View a detailed tabular view of all assets within the portal, sort by usage to see most/least used.
  • Search by user and view all interactions by that user within the portal, including login events.
  • Click the usage button on an asset card to view all users interacting with this asset.

Administrators can also control how long usage log and aggregated usage data are kept for.

We will also provide odata endpoints in the next version to allow you to extract this usage data out to external systems.

Embedding and Syncing additions

We’ve added a number of new options for embedding and syncing of source systems.

Power BI

We’ve made a number of additions to Power BI embedding;

  • A new embeddable asset type for Q&A, link this to a Power BI dataset and optionally supply your own questions or allow the user to ask their own question.
  • A new asset type for Power BI dataset, use this to link out to the Power BI adhoc designer for a particular dataset.
  • When running in App Owns Data mode, we’ve provided the ability to use multiple Power BI tenancies in one portal, this is useful for large organisations with multiple tenancies.
  • RLS for dashboards and tiles, you can now make use of RLS on dashboards and tiles in App Owns Data mode.


We’ve added support for embedding ThoughtSpot views and pinboards.

Tableau Server/Online embedding and syncing

We’ve added support for embedding and syncing workbooks and views from Tableau Online and Tableau Server.

Delegate permissions for editing tile layouts

Delegate permission to business users to allow them to manage the content of specific tile layouts, such as a department layout.

Feedback option for admins

Admins can now submit feedback on issues, suggestions, and bugs straight out of the UI, this is in addition to our existing feedback channels.


Users can now favourite asset cards of interest, and view these in their own Favourites view.

In-app license expiry notification

Administrators will now be notified on regular intervals leading up to a license expiry when they log in to the application (email notifications to follow in next release).

Performance and UI improvements

We’ve implemented a number of improvements, such as;

  • Improved the download size of the application and delivery mechanisms.
  • Fixed padding on embedded assets in tiles.
  • Alphabetic ordering of collections.
  • Rich text fields on asset descriptions, discussions and help desk tickets.
  • Much greater stability when editing tile layouts.
  • Ability to have the menu minimise by default when opening an embedded asset.
  • Merged separate views of reports and data sources in to one view.
  • Set the browser title and icon via branding.
  • Added a full screen option when viewing an embedded asset.