Version 4.1

Customised Branding

You can now fully customise the look and feel of the Portal via the brand new ‘Branding’ option available for Portal administrators. From minor cosmetic changes such as logo and color theme, right through to being able to upload your own CSS file to seamlessly fit in with your Corporate style guide.

New Layout Options

Prefer to view results in a list? The Portal now has the ability to switch layout views so you can find what you are looking for in a format that you want.

We have also added a visually stunning presentation of Asset information and Editing. Click on on the Information tab, and select an area to edit. A smooth transition and presentation allows the user to view the page they came from and what they are editing in one block.

You can now perform a keyword search across all published assets. Simply enter what you are looking for and the Portal will display all relevant assets for your search.

Dive deeper into the Portal and our new breadcrumb navigation will remind you exactly how you got there. You can navigate to and fro along the breadcrumb to find what you are looking for.