Version 4.2

Upgrade Notes

Loome Publish 4.2 introduces a new requirement.

  • A new security requirement in its Azure application registration.

We’ve changed the web application to also perform client-side authentication directly against Azure AD. This step requires that you modify the Azure App Registration to turn on implicit OAuth flows.

Follow the steps below to update the Azure app registration.

From the Azure menu, select ‘Azure Active Directory’.

Then click on ‘App Registrations’.

step 8

Use the search box to locate the app registration for your Loome Publish portal.

Click on the app registration to open it.

step 9

From the top of the registered app, click the ‘Manifest’ button.

Change oauth2AllowImplicitFlow value from false to true.

Click the ‘Save’ button.

step 10

step 11

Once completed, move to the next version, or follow the steps under Running the Upgrade to install your upgrade.