Functions in the Control Node

How do I switch between Content nodes?

Content nodes that you have added to your control node will appear in the left hand navigation and you can select the content node you would like to view here.

Available Content Nodes in the navigation panel

How do I search a Source System in the Control Node?

Make sure you are on the Source System you want to search.

Enter in the search word in the search field.

Searching from the Control node

Results returned are only applicable to the Source System selected.

Can I create new assets, entities, or metadata in the Control node?

No. You cannot create any new assets, entities, or metadata in the Control node. However, in the Control node you are able to edit and configure settings and branding values.

Can I raise a help desk tickets and create asset discussions in the Control Node?

Yes! Just as you would in a Content node.

How do I switch to view the Data Catalogue?

To switch between the BI Catalogue and Data Catalogue, click on the first icon at the top right hand corner.

Switch to Data Catalogue (Switch to Data Catalogue)

Switch to BI Catalogue (Switch to BI Catalogue)

If I delete an entity, entity type or custom attribute in a Content Node will it display in the Control Node?

When you delete an entity, entity type or custom attribute it will be also be deleted in the Control Node.

If you still see an entity, entity type or custom attribute in your Control Node after it has been deleted in your Content Node and you want to see the changes immediately, you will have to sync your Control Node using the On Demand sync button in Source Systems. Otherwise, it will sync automatically a few minutes later and you will not be able to see your deleted content on the updated Control Node.

Using the App Navigation Panel

The App Navigation Panel is only available in the Control Node.

Administrators can add App shortcuts to Apps and websites in the Configuration settings, and these added Apps will appear in the dropdown for all users, unless it is only available to a specific audience. Administrators can read how to setup their App Navigation Panel here.

These Apps can direct users to URLs, such as their Content Nodes, in the same tab or a new tab, or it can be used to link to a commonly used website. Clicking on the App Navigation Panel Icon in the top panel will display the dropdown list of Apps. Users can select an App and then will be directed to that URL.

In this following image, we have three App shortcuts to Content Nodes and one shortcut to our documentation website.

App Navigation Panel Icon

Where can I view and download usage data for the Control Node?

You can view and download usage data for the control node in the Usage Dashboard that can accessed from the settings cog icon. How to use the Usage Dashboard is explained here.

This will not display the usage data of one of your added content nodes. To view the usage data of a particular content node you will have to view this data in the Usage Dashboard of that content node.

How can I apply an audience to a Loome Publish node in the Control Node?

You can select the users or groups that will be the only users that have access to a Loome Publish node. This will hide the Loome Publish node and it will not display in the left-hand navigation for all other users.

On the Source Systems page, you can click on an existing Loome Publish node to edit and then select the audience field or complete this field when adding a new Loome Publish node. Just select users and groups once you have clicked on Edit under the Audiences field.