IIS Application Creation

Follow the steps below to create your IIS web application.

Open inetmgr.exe from Start Menu > Run.

step 21

Right click on Sites > Add Website…

step 22

Enter the site name as ‘EnterpriseBIPortal’ or a site name of your choosing.

Set the physical path to ‘c:\inetpub\enterprisebiportal’.

Change the Binding Type to ‘https’.

Enter the DNS name created for Loome Publish under the ‘Host name’ field.

Select the SSL certificate installed on the machine for Loome Publish.

Click on ‘OK’.

step 23

Click on ‘Application Pools’ from the left-hand menu.

step 24

Right click on the EnterpriseBIPortal application pool and select ‘Advanced Settings…’.

step 25

Change ‘Load User Profile’ to true.

Select the value in ‘Identity’ and click the ellipse button.

step 26

Select ‘Custom account’, and then click the ‘Set…’ button.

Enter the ‘User name’, ‘Password’, and ‘Confirm password’ for the service account.

‘User name’ should include the domain in either the domain\username or the username@domain.local format.

Click ‘Ok’, then ‘Ok’.

step 27

Locate the ‘Start Mode’ setting and change the value to ‘AlwaysRunning’, then click ‘Ok’.

step 27.1

From the left hand menu, expand ‘Sites’, then click on the Loome Publish application.

step 27.2

From the actions menu, click on ‘Advanced Settings…’

step 27.3

Locate the ‘Preload Enabled’ setting and change the value to ‘True’, then click ‘Ok’.

step 27.4