Version 4.7



This version introduces the option to view multiple Loome Publish Systems in one Control Node. Other Loome Publish Content Nodes can all be added to the one Loome Publish Control node to make navigation between many instances of Loome Publish at once much easier.

  • Content is sourced from other Loome Publish nodes that have been added via API Key providing one read-only location, and each Content Node is differentiated by its Source ID that will uniquely identify where content has been sourced from.

  • On first load of your Control Node, you will be shown what you need to add a content node and once added, you will be able to see this node in the navigation slide out and you can then go into Source Systems to add any other Loome Publish systems.

  • Other nodes are added to the Control node using the same method as adding your reports to Loome Publish, so all you have to do is go into your Source Systems and choose to import a new Loome Publish node. This imported node is automatically synced but can also be synced on-demand on the Source System page. A Loome Publish Source System can also be deleted from the Control Node removing all its data and content from the Loome Publish Control System.

  • We have improved our left navigation slideout and in the Control Node users can switch between each added Content Node in this slideout. With each selected Content Node the navigation set will change accordingly for that node.

  • Users can still view the asset types, entity types and metadata of a Content Node from the Control node.

Notification Hub

A Notification Hub has been added to Loome Publish that allows users to manage and view a list of their notifications. When a notification is sent to a user, it will appear in the notification hub and once clicked it will direct the user to the source of the notification. These notifications can also be cleared and marked as read. This system will provide notifications for things such as helpdesk tickets, discussions and the sharing of assets.

Bulk Edit

We have added in a major new feature that will simplify editing and publishing multiple assets as Administrators and Publishers can now edit and publish multiple or all assets at once while only needing to select required Term Sets and Custom Attributes for all your selected assets.

Users also have the ability to bulk edit the Custom Attributes of a collection of assets. When Custom Attributes are common across all assets, users can complete fields that will apply to all selected Entities.

Pinning of Asset Boards to Tile Layouts

Asset Boards can now be pinned to a Tile Layout. These Tile Layouts will remain the same when imported to a Control Node. Users can pin an asset board as a Tile Layout so that a user’s preferred assets are the first page they view once logged in.

Other Additions to the Loome Publish

Multidirectional Flow

We have added a new feature that allows users to select whether they would like to view their Network Maps and Hierarchical Diagrams in one direction or in multiple directions using our Multidirectional flow button. This will display relationships in both directions so all entities related to the selected entity are shown.

App Navigation Panel

Users can now add shortcuts to apps and websites in Loome Publish by using the new App Navigation Panel situated beside the new Notification Hub and Settings Cog. This easy to use slideout gives Administrators the option to select an audience for a specific app so it is only visible to their chosen users. Administrators can view all links and can edit these Apps in Configuration.

Users will not have to manually add in a Loome Publish Source System to their Apps Navigation Panel after having already added the content node to the Control Node, as it will automatically also appear in the Apps Navigation Panel.

Hide Navigation

Users can now select to hide the Navigation slideout so it does not appear onscreen at all. This can easily be enabled or disabled as default in Configuration.

Hide Global Function

Administrators can now choose to hide the Global Search function, that is available at the top of their page, in the Configuration menu. This will hide it from view and can be re-enabled at any time.

Search Asset Boards

Users are able to search within a specific asset board for each term, and in Popular, Recent or Favourites. This new search function can be easily found in the right slide-out panel.

Asset Buttons

We have moved and added all available Asset action buttons to the right action slideout when on an Asset page to make viewing and interacting with your assets faster and easier.

Additional Usage Metrics

We now also note the additional usage metrics, tile layout usage, tile click usage and pinned asset usage, for the Usage Dashboard.

Error Logging

Loome Publish now supports error logging to a file that allows for easier diagnosing of issues that may occur in the application.


  • We have improved and redesigned the Settings Cog menu and it also provides descriptions for each settings page.

  • We have made improvements to the UI and design for a smoother UI experience.


  • Fixed notification issues that occurred with tickets.

  • Multiple tableau views on one tile layout will now always render.

  • Fixed an issue where users could not submit helpdesk tickets

  • The page did not display entirely when viewing an embedded asset in full screen in Internet Explorer.

  • Fixed an issue where the usage metrics will list both Asset Info and Asset Open when opening an asset.

  • Fixed an issue where the mapping between an entity table and an asset table is incorrect.

  • The Network Map will no longer make an unnecessary HTTP calls after closing.

  • Downloading the asset usage from the Usage Dashboard would not download the complete list of usage per user.

  • We have corrected some typographical errors.

  • Clicking the ‘Back’ button on a Network Map page will direct you to the correct page instead of an error 404 page.

  • We have fixed the usage interaction numbers that were mismatched on the asset card and usage interaction list.

  • The Full Screen button will now work correctly in Edge.

  • We have fixed an issue where asset registration would fail due to an asset search result issue.

  • Fixed an issue that caused errors when filtering an asset board with tags.

  • Fixed error where a user cannot view the graph bar in the Usage Dashboard.

  • We have added missing asset action buttons on an asset board.

  • In the Usage Dashboard, users can search for any part of an asset name so it displays in the search results.

  • Fixed issues in the Usage Dashboard where there was no metadata selection in the usage dashboard summary and there were missing assets under the Detail tab.