Discovering Assets

How to use assets


What are sparklines?

Sparklines appear on asset cards and show usage experience. They show interactions and unique users for upto 24 months of an asset. Sparklines provide a quick visual representation and trend of an asset usage.


How to find an asset

You can navigate through the menu on the left hand side to find an asset.

You can select whether you would like to filter your assets by Business Area or Subject Area by using the drop-down at the top of the menu.

Click the term in the navigation menu to drill down to the next hierarchy of terms.

Click Back to step back one level.


Click on the page or on the arrows at the top corner of the panel to hide the navigation panel.


Displays favourited assets. To favourite an asset, click on the star icon beside the asset name. Un-highlighting the star icon will remove the asset from the ‘Favourites’ list.


Displays the 20 most recently added assets.

Displays the 20 most popular assets based on the number of interactions.

Search for an asset

To search for a particular asset, enter the full word(s) into the global search field at the top and click the magnifier icon or hit the enter button.

The search result will display all assets that contain the word(s) you searched.

The Search function will search for the word in all metadata relating to an asset. It will search for the term in Title, Description, Registered By, Tags, Experts, assigned navigation menu terms, Subject Area, and any other metadata term sets and terms created.

Search specific asset boards

Users can search within a specific asset board for each term, and in Popular, Recent or Favourites. This search function can be easily found in the right slide-out.

Just select an asset board in your navigation and then type in your keyword into the asset board search box.

In the following image I have searched for ‘Regional’ in the Inventory Asset Board. Asset Board Search

How to refine or narrow the list of assets

Similar to slicers in Excel pivot tables, slicers in are used to filter down on assets. Terms can be set as a slicer. Once an asset gets assigned the term, the slicer options will update dynamically when the assets are registered and published.

Any term sets marked as BI Assets and Use as a slicer in Metadata by an Administrator will be added into the drop-down list in the navigation menu to be used as a slicer. This drop-down is where you can switch between term sets, which will filter the BI Catalogue by different term sets.

When slicers are selected the display will automatically rearrange according to your selection. This is a great tool to use when you don’t know what the asset is called, so you can narrow down on other details of the asset.

Slicers in Business Area

You can also filter by Subject Area by using the drop-down at the left top corner.

Subject Area

This will provide you with your selected Subject Area.

Chosen Subject Area

You can also filter the Subject Area with slicers by clicking into the slicer menu above the drop-down button.

Subject Area Slicers

To clear filters, click the X icon

Clear slicer