Frequently Asked Questions

If you need any help, please feel free to email us at

My agent appears to be unhealthy and cannot be used by a rule.

Please check your service and restart your agent. Once it has restarted, refresh your page and the agent will be healthy. Please contact us if your agent is still unhealthy.

Why doesn’t the email custom field I just added appear as a recipient column?

Once you have added an email custom field that you would like to use as a recipient column, click on the save button in the right hand slideout. This will update the recipient columns available in a communication rule. You will now be able to select it from this list.

Once you have run this rule to access the results page, add email addresses to this custom field.

Please note that even if you have run this rule above, the email custom field will be empty and cannot send emails until these are completed.

You can then run this rule to send notifications after you have added email addresses to the custom field.

Why can’t I see the slicer for the status Unresolved, Resolved or Ignored on the Results page?

You won’t be able to see slicers if each row contains the same data or if all fields are empty.

For example, if the status for all rows is unresolved you won’t be able to filter results by status. If you edit a row to be ignored or if you resolve an issue with a row in your data source, the other two filters will then be applicable and will be displayed in the slicers slideout.