View and Edit your Results

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View and Filter your Results

You can view your results once you have executed a rule. You can access them by clicking on the results icon at the top right of the Execution Steps slide-out.

Access the results page here

You can also access your results from the card or row of a rule on its project page in the bottom right corner if you have already executed this rule.

Access the results page here

In the following image you can see that there are five unresolved results for an ‘Active Accounts’ alert.

Unresolved results

What are Resolved and Unresolved Results?

When a record is unresolved, it has been included in the result set created by the rule’s query.

A resolved result means that at some point the record was available in the results for the provided query (as an unresolved result), however changes to the data have meant it is no longer included within the queries filters and so, is considered to be dealt with.

Filter by Resolved or Unresolved Results

If you click on the slide-out on the right, you can filter your results by whether they are resolved or unresolved.

Filter your results

Filter by Ignored Results

You can also view any results that have been ignored by clicking on Show Ignored Results. This will also display the reason why a result was ignored.

Ignore a result

Filter by Assigned Users

You can also filter your results using the list of users under ‘Assigned To’.

Click on the checkbox beside the name of a user and you will be able to view each result assigned to that user.

Filter by assigned user

Edit your Results

You can edit your results in a few ways. You can ignore a result, assign a user to a result, and add values to your custom fields.

You can edit a result by clicking on the Edit button on the right of a row.

This will expand a slide-out where you can edit each custom field, assigned user and whether a result is ignored.

Edit your results

Assign a Result to a User

You can assign a result to a user by clicking on the Edit button on the left of the result and providing their email address in the Assignee field in the expanded slide-out.

Click on save at the top right, and this assignee will be displayed by its result.

Edit an assignee

Ignore a Result

You can ignore a row of results by clicking on the Edit button of that row.

Then click on the checkbox Ignore and this row will be ignored. It will not appear in the default view of results.

This row will be excluded for any future executions of this rule and so, will no longer be updated.

Ignore a row using this checkbox

Edit your Custom Fields

To add feedback by editing a custom field, click on the Edit button and you can find your custom fields in the expanded slide-out.

If you added a custom field when creating or editing a rule you will find them here.

I have added an ‘Additional Notes’ field and a ‘Date Activated’ field for an ‘Active Accounts’ alert.

Once I added a date and note to these fields, as shown in the images below, I clicked save and they were visible in the results.

Edit results here.jpg

View this result

For any custom fields, a dedicated schema has been created in your selected output connection with these custom fields as metadata columns.

Edit your Rule

From this page you can edit the rule of these results by clicking on Edit in the top right corner. This will direct you to the rule editor and you can make your changes. Learn more about editing rules here.

Edit this alert