Fixed Value

Fixed Value column validation will check that a column contains the values that you have provided.

For example, you can provide the values 1, 10, and 20 and check that a int or varchar column contains these numbers.

How to Add Fixed Value Column Validation

Select Fixed Value from the ‘Validation Type’ dropdown and the column you want to check for fixed values.

To add fixed value options, provide a value to the Fixed Value Options field and then click Add or press enter on your keyboard.

Add fixed value options

You can add multiple fixed values.

Add multiple fixed value options

You can delete a fixed value using the x on its right.

Delete a fixed value

Once you have added fixed values, click Ok at the top right to add this column validation.

Please remember to save this rule from the right-hand slideout if you do not run this rule to save any column validation checks you have just added.