Number Validation

Number Validation will check that a column contains number values within a specific range. You can check that your selected value falls within your defined number range.

For example, in a product table where you have a safety stock level column, you can create a check for values that are less than 750. If any products have fallen below the safety stock level of 750, the row will be marked with ‘Pass’ to indicate that those rows are less than 750.

How to Add Number Validation Column Validation

Select Number Validation from the ‘Validation Type’ dropdown and the column that this validation check will apply to.

Then choose the Comparison Operator.

You can choose from:

  • Less than
  • Equal to and less than
  • Greater than
  • Equal to and greater than
  • Equal to
  • Between

Choose a comparison operator

For each comparison operator, you will have to provide the value it will use for number validation.

In the following example, number validation will check for records that have an ID Number between 10 and 100.

Provide a value

Click Ok at the top right to add this column validation.

Please remember to save this rule from the right-hand slideout if you do not choose to run this rule to save any column validation checks you have just added.