Application Roles

There are currently five levels of user access. These roles can be assigned and edited by an Administrator. These roles will apply to the entire tenant. If you would like to edit the roles for a specific project only, please read our guide here.

  • Administrator: Users with the Administrator role have full control of Loome Monitor. They are able to manage Agents, Connections, Projects, Rules and Users.
  • Project Creator: Users with this role can manage agents, connections and all projects of Loome Monitor. They can also run rules and view their results. (When a Project Creator creates a project, they are automatically added to the project level ‘Owner’ role.)
  • Consumer: Users with the Consumer role can view projects in Loome Monitor. This role has read-only privileges, so they cannot modify projects or rules. Consumers can view or edit the results of rules if they have been assigned to a record or were notified by a communication step.

If an email notification was sent to an email address that does not have a role in Loome Monitor, or a new user was added to a project, then that user will be assigned to the Consumer role at the application level and as a Limited Member at the project level.

Permission Administrator Project Creator Consumer
Configure remote API access**
Access Loome Monitor remotely via API**
Manage users and API Keys in application roles
Manage and create projects
Add and edit a connection at the application level
Add and edit a connection in their own projects
Add an agent
Create a rule (Alert, Glossary, Reference)
Edit a rule (Alert, Glossary, Reference)
Run a rule
View and edit results ✔*

*Consumers can only view and edit results that they have been assigned to or have been emailed about.

**API Keys created before the 26th of September 2023 will have the permissions of an administrator. Previously created API Keys that do not have an application role will remain with administrator permissions.

How to Add a User to an Application Role

Find the application role page from the top-right settings menu.

Application roles in the menu

Choose the role that you would like to add a user to from the tabs at the top of the page.

Click on Add Members in the top right corner of the page and a slide-out will be expanded.

Add a user

Choose whether you would like to add a user or an API Key.

Add a user or key

If you want to add a user, type in the email address of the user and then click +.

You can add multiple users at once using a semi-colon. Or you can add them individually using the add button.

Click on Submit and this user will now be able to log in as this role.

Type in email address

If you want to add an API Key, choose the API Key from the dropdown.

Choose API Key in dropdown

Click on Submit and this API Key will be added to this role.

Application Role Status

If a user has only been sent an invitation, their status will remain as ‘User Invitation’ until they log in, in which their status will change to ‘User’.

Invited user

Delete a User from a Role

To delete a user from an application role, find the user on the application roles page and click on the Delete button at the end of a row beside the user’s name.

Delete a user

You cannot delete your own user account from a role. If you require your own account to be deleted from a role, a different administrator will need to delete the user account.

If you would like to remove a user from the limited member role and they are assigned to or communicated to about any rows, you will need to remove them from each row or communication rule or they will remain a limited member.