Project Roles

You can choose which users can access a project. By selecting roles, you can create audience targeted projects with different levels of access.

There are three roles you can apply to users in a project.

  • Owners
  • Contributors
  • Members

As well as a fourth role, Limited Members, which cannot be manually applied to users and is only applied when a user is added via an ‘Assigned User’ column or via a communication email.


A project owner can manage user access to a project. They can add and delete users in each role. They can also create and manage rules within their project. (When a Project Creator creates a project, they are automatically added to the project level ‘Owner’ role.)


The Contributor role allows users to create and manage rules within a project. They can create, edit and delete rules, as well as view and edit the results of a rule.


The Member role allows users to run rules and view and edit the results of all rules within their project.

Limited Member

The Limited Member role represents users who have been assigned to a record or communicated to on one or more rules within this project.

  • These members may only see specific rows in the rules they have been assigned to or communicated to and not the entire dataset.
  • You may not add members manually to this role.
  • For general read-only access to all rules, please use the Members role.
Permission Owner Contributor Member Limited Member
Manage user access to the project
Create and manage rules in their project
Can run all rules
View and edit the results of all rules in the project
Can only view specific rows of results in rules (rows that they have been assigned to or communicated to)

How to Apply Project Roles

You can manage project roles via the right-hand slideout.

Click on Edit Project Roles.

Manage project roles from the slideout

Choose a project role from the tabs at the top of this section.

After you have chosen a project role tab, click on Add Members at the top-right.

Choose project role and add member

Choose to add a user or an API key.

Choose a user or API Key

Add a User

In the slideout, you can then add the user’s email address into the user field and click on Add.

After you have added your chosen users, click on Submit to save and apply your project roles.

Add users to project roles

If a user was already signed in at the time that their user role was changed, they will need to sign out and then sign back in to see the applied role changes.

Please note that if you want to delete a user that is a limited member that is assigned to or communicated to about any rows, you will also need to remove them from each row or communication rule or they will remain a limited member.

Add an API Key

If you choose to add an API key, choose an API key from the dropdown and click Submit.

Choose an API key from the dropdown