Date Validation

Date Validation will check that a column contains dates within a specific range. You can check that your selected date falls within your defined date range.

How to Add Date Validation Column Validation

Select Date Validation from the ‘Validation Type’ dropdown and the column that this validation check will apply to.

Then choose the date Comparison Operator.

You can choose from:

  • Less than
  • Equal to and less than
  • Greater than
  • Equal to and greater than
  • Equal to
  • Between

Choose a Comparison Operator

Once you have chosen a comparison operator, you will have to provide the value that it will use when comparing values in your previously selected column.

In the following example, date validation will check for records that have a hire date greater than October 7th, 2021.

Provide a value

Click Ok at the top right to add this column validation.

Please remember to save this rule from the right-hand slideout if you do not choose to run this rule to save any column validation checks you have just added.