Release Notes

Release Types

Loome Monitor releases come in two ‘streams’, application releases and agent releases. Whilst these update streams are separate, they will often release on the same day with the same version number.

Service Releases

These are releases that occur within the Loome monitor application. They are changes to the user interface you use to work with Loome Monitor, as well as improvements to the backend powering your tenant.

Application releases do not require any action from users in order to take advantage of new changes as they occur on the central Loome Monitor server.

Agent Releases

These are releases that apply to the Loome Monitor Agent that you install. They are often changes to the inner workings of the agent, as well as the addition of new rule types and connections.

Agent releases require action from users in order to take advantage of the new changes as they are more of a traditional update that the user must install themselves.

Whilst we encourage users to update their agents as soon as possible, there is no technical urgency to always have the newest update unless you require any of the new features or improvements listed in the release notes.

Loome Monitor aims to be as backwards compatible as possible with agents. If an update is released that must be installed to preserve functionality you will be notified in advance.

Release List