Snowflake Data Warehouse


Used for working with Snowflake data warehouse.

Connection String Templates

Template Name Description
Snowflake The standard Snowflake connection string - requires details such as the host, account, role, database and warehouse to connect to.

When using the connection string the YOUR_FULL_HOST can contain your YOUR_ACCOUNT values as shown below:

Connection String Template:

Template Example Connection String
General Template account=YOUR_ACCOUNT;;role=PUBLIC;db=YOUR_DATABASE;
Template incl. Warehouse account=YOUR_ACCOUNT;;role=PUBLIC;db=YOUR_DATABASE;WAREHOUSE=DEMO_WH
Reader Account Example account=readeraccount01;;role=PUBLIC;db=SampleDatabase;WAREHOUSE=DEMO

Connection Notes

  • The username and password fields for this connection type should be your Snowflake Data Warehouse credentials (or your Personal Access Token).

  • The role of your account should be provided when creating the connection, if it’s not known the default will be set to public.

Loome Monitor will use the SnowSQL internal stage with CSV files when staging data from an external source. If you wish to configure a specific stage or file type then you will need to ingest the data into Snowflake seperately using a Loome Integrate Data Migration task.