How to Update your Agent

Updating the Loome Agent varies depending on the platform you’re hosting it on, below is a summary of the required action for each platform in order to update the agent.

Hosting Method How to Update Update Details
Windows Service Rerun the install script from Loome Monitor. Updating Hosted Agent Services
Linux Service Rerun the install script from Loome Monitor. Updating Hosted Agent Services
Azure Container Instances Restart your container instance, the latest version is pulled as part of the restart. Updating Azure Container Instances Agent
Docker (Using docker run) Pull the latest image, remove your current container and the recreate the container with the latest image. Updating Docker Agents (Using Docker Run)
Docker (Portainer, Fargate, etc) Refer to your provider’s documentation. Updating Docker Agents (Non-Azure Container Service)

Updating Hosted Agent Services

To update Loome Agents running as a Windows service or Linux systemd daemon, simply run the same script you used to install the agent. The script will automatically detect if the agent is already installed and update it, restarting the existing service in the process.

You do not have to use the exact same script that was used to install the agent in the first place. Whilst it’s convenient to save the script in an easy to remember location, you can easily re-download the script from your tenant if you lose it.

The PowerShell installer script will ask if you would like to update the existing installation of the agent in this directory. Type in ‘Y’ to update it.

This will remove all files in this directory and restart the service account with the agent.

If your agent is unhealthy after the update, please refresh your page or restart the agent from Services.

Updating Azure Container Instances Agents

Azure Container Instances are stateless when restarted. Unlike containers ran locally using Docker, restarting an Azure Container instance will drop the previous filesystem and start from new.

The benefit to this is that in the process of restarting the container, the latest version of the container’s image is pulled and used. This means to update an Azure Container Instance, simply find the container in the Azure Portal and click “Restart”.

Restart ACI

Updating Docker Agents using Docker Run

To update a locally hosted Docker container agent, you will need to have the docker run command handy from the installation of the agent in the first place.

With this command you need to do the following:

  1. Pull down the latest loomesoftware/agent image
  2. Remove the previous container
  3. Recreate the container with the latest image

This means that the general series of commands for updating the agent would look like:

docker pull loomesoftware/agent
docker rm example-agent
docker run example-agent ... # The rest of the command

Updating Docker Agents (Non-Azure Container Service)

With tools like Portainer and Amazon Fargate, the process for updating the container is a case of restarting the container and as is the case with Azure Container Instances; the latest version is downloaded in the process.

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