7th of October, 2021

New Features

Data Quality

You can now create a Data Quality rule. The Data Quality rule allows you to create one or more validation checks on columns within your data set, you can use this to validate the quality of your data set and assign and email failed checks to users for resolution.


  • We have fixed an issue where a list custom field would default to the first option in the list.
  • We have fixed a number of issues on the results page that would cause an error message to appear, usually while slicing or sorting.
  • Fixed an issue where the actual error message on a failed rule run was hidden from user.


This update requires agent version - 2021.10.6.2

Please update your agent to use new features and improvements.


  • We have changed how the results slicers work to improve performance and usability. Slicers uses considerably less data to display on screen and should run much faster. Columns with more than 100 distinct values will not appear in slicers.