Database Function

A Database Function can be used to execute a boolean SQL expression. For example, it can be used to check the data type of values in your selected column, such as whether a column with a string data type contains numeric values.

How to Add Database Function Column Validation

Select Database Function from the ‘Validation Type’ dropdown and the column that this validation check will apply to.

Provide a database expression that includes the {ColumnName} variable.

{ColumnName} is a token that Loome Monitor will automatically replace with the column picked earlier. This means that you will not have to add a specific column name and can use {ColumnName} in its place.

For example, instead of ISDATE({DateStarted}) if you have chosen the ‘DateStarted’ column as the validation check column, you can use ISDATE({ColumnName}), and Loome will dynamically insert the ‘DateStarted’ column for you.

Provide a database function

Click Ok at the top right to add this column validation.

Please remember to save this rule from the right-hand slideout if you do not choose to run this rule to save any column validation checks you have just added.

Sample Database Functions

SQL Server and Azure Synapse

A SQL Server and Azure Synapse database function that checks a date column is ISDATE({ColumnName}) = 1, or a check for a number column is ISNUMERIC({ColumnName}) = 1.


A Snowflake function example to check whether it is an integer column could be IS_INTEGER({ColumnName}), while a boolean column could be checked with IS_BOOLEAN({ColumnName}).

Please note that each example above is dependent on the target database, and are subject to change.