Managing Connections

How to Add a Connection

Click on Connections in the dropdown menu.

Menu Dropdown

Click on Add Connection to start creating a connection to your data platform.

Add a connection

Select the connection type.

Connection Types

Once you have selected a connection type, complete the following fields to create a connection.

Add a SQL server connection

First, provide a friendly name to easily identify this connection.

If you do not want to provide your username and password in your connection string, you can add your username and password (or your Personal Access Token) in the username and password fields and Loome will provide these fields separately from the connection string. What details you provide here can vary depending on the connector type. In this SQL Server connection example, this would be the same credentials you use to log into your SQL Server.

Then add your connection string. Please find templates for the connection strings of SQL Server and Snowflake Data Warehouse on their connection detail pages.

Select the agent that will validate this connection.

Next, choose whether this connection will be available in all projects or selected projects.

All or selected projects

If it should only be available in your chosen projects, click ‘Selected Projects’ and tick the checkbox beside each project you would like to use this connection. It will not be available in other projects.

Choose projects

Once you have completed these fields, please click on the save button in the top right corner and you will have added this connection.

Save your connection

You can now use this connection when creating and editing rules.

How to Edit a Connection

Click on the Edit Connection button available on the right of the connection you would like to edit.

The images below include an example of sample connections.

Edit a connection

This will expand the slideout where you can edit any of the connection’s details.

Edit the details of the connection