Reference Lookup

A Reference Lookup will check that your column values exist within a reference column. You will pick a column from a reference data set, as well as the column that contains the values that will be compared.

For example, you can compare the ID column of two rules to check that there are no missing records.

How to Add Reference Lookup Column Validation

Select Reference Lookup from the ‘Validation Type’ dropdown and the column that the reference column will be compared to.

You will next choose the reference lookup column.

You will first choose the project that the rule is in.

Reference Lookup Project

Once you have selected the project, Loome will load all available rules from this project. It will only display rules that have the same target connection as the data quality rule you are currently creating or editing.

Choose the rule that contains the column you would like to select.

Reference Lookup Rule

Select the Lookup Column.

Reference Lookup Column

You can then choose which status should be included when comparing this reference column. You can select one or more.

Rows in the reference lookup column will be filtered based on your selection.

Reference Lookup Status

Click Ok at the top right to add this column validation.

Please remember to save this rule from the right-hand slideout if you do not choose to run this rule to save any column validation checks you have just added.