2nd of October, 2020


  • We’ve added the ability to sort by columns on the results view, you can do this by clicking on the sorting icon next to the column you wish to sort by. We have also added the ability to filter on data in the results view, use the slide out to the right and select the slicer values you would like to use.

  • We’ve added the rule type field and the Project Id to the rule mapping table in your output database. This will allow you to craft links in your reporting back to results views in Loome Monitor.

  • Added indexes to SQL Server output tables, this will improve performance of the results view.


  • Fixed an issue where assigning a record and then communicating to the same user caused a duplicate record in the results view.

  • Fixed an issue where updating the Ignore setting of a record was not persisted.


This update requires agent version - 2020.09.29.1