You can create a workstation using a template and your chosen specifications following the instructions below.

How to Create a Workstation

Find Add Workstation in the right action slide-out of your selected project.

Add Workstation

First, choose a template from the dropdown.

The machine size and workstation images that are available depends on your selected template.

Choose a Machine Size and Workstation Image from the dropdown fields.

Provide a Workstation Name so you can easily identify this workstation later.

Basics of the workstation

Next, create a username and password to connect to this workstation.

You will need a password with a minimum of 12 characters. It must also include at least one uppercase character, one lowercase character, one number and special character.

Add a username and password

You can choose to select a data repository and it will be available in this workstation as a local drive.

You can select a data repository, as shown in the image below, if you have already added a data repository to this project following the steps here.

Select a data repository

Please note that data repositories can only be used by one workstation. So if you would like to use a data repository but cannot view it here, it is likely already used by another workstation.

Or you can choose to skip this step and select next if you would not like provide a data repository.

Choose a data repository

Then you can review all settings for this workstation and click Create to save this workstation.

Review this workstation

How to Manage Workstations

Any user who belongs to a project can start and stop a workstation in that project.

Once you have added a workstation, it will first display a flashing blue icon while loading.

Newly added workstation

It will automatically be enabled when you have first added a workstation. The green icon will indicate that it is online.

Enabled workstation

Manage your Workstation Details

You can manage the details of a workstation by using the ‘Manage’ button as highlighted below.

Manage workstation

It will display a window where you can view its details, deployment logs, mounted repositories and extensions.

In this window, you can also choose to restart the workstation, reset your password for this workstation, mount a repository, or delete this workstation.

Workstation details

Connect to a Workstation

You can also connect to this workstation using the ‘Connect’ button on the workstation card.

Connect to workstation button

This will display a view of your connection details. Here, you can copy the IP address to connect to the workstation.

Workstation details

You can also download an RDP file to use with your remote desktop client.

If you are accessing your workstation via Teams, you will be asked to confirm that you would like to download this RDP file.

Download RDP for remote client desktop

Stop a Workstation

You can find the ‘Stop’ button on the workstation card to disable your workstation.

Stop the workstation

It will flash red as it deallocates the workstation.

Once it has completed, you will see the pause symbol in the red icon.

Disabling a workstation

Start a Workstation

To start an existing workstation, you can find the ‘Start’ button on the workstation card.

Start a workstation