Tenant Management

What is a Tenant?

A tenant is an instance of Loome Assist. Each tenant spins up a database in Azure. In order to start using Loome Assist, you need to create a tenant, and then invite your employees/users to join your tenant. A user can be part of many tenants and one tenant can have multiple users, however if you choose to have more than one tenant, the tenants themselves do not connect as they are isolated from one another. All Loome Assist related data resources are not shared across different tenants.

To vary the level of access each user receives in a tenant, please view our Application Roles.

First Time Users

Open https://assist.loomesoftware.com in your browser. You will be prompted to sign in with a Microsoft work account or Google account.

If you are a first time Loome Assist user and you have not been invited to a tenant, you will be automatically redirected to the tenant registration screen.

If you wanted to use an existing tenant, an administrator from that tenant will need to invite you.

Existing Users

As an administrator, you can create a new tenant while you are logged in to an existing tenant. This new tenant will start as a 60 day free trial.

Add new tenant

Add a New Tenant

You can then provide the required details to create a new tenant.

As part of the registration process, you will need to sign up for a Loome Assist subscription. This does not require any payment upfront, and your subscription will begin with a 60 day free trial period. Learn more about pricing on our website.

The subscription will be created with the email account you are currently logged in with.

The customer details you provide will be used for your Loome Licensing account.

Provide details for tenant

Then provide a name for your tenant. This will be used to identify your tenant and will be seen by all users invited to this tenant.

The tenant name must be alphanumeric and a maximum of 25 characters and a minimum of 3. It may also contain brackets.

Tenant names cannot currently be changed in Loome Assist and so any requests for a name change will need to be manually handled by contacting us at Loome.

Subscription details

The tenant creation process can take a few minutes, once the tenant has been created you will be logged into it.

If you have added an additional tenant, you can access this tenant from the top-right menu once it is created.

New tenant in menu

If you are a member of multiple tenants, switching between tenants is as simple as selecting the desired tenant from the dropdown menu in the top-right corner of the screen.