Cost Centers

Find the following sections below:

How to Create a Cost Center

Find the cost center page from the top-right dropdown menu.

Cost Center page

To add a cost center, click on New Cost Center at the top right of the page.

New Cost Center

Type in a name that will help easily identify this cost center.

Add a name and save

Save and create by clicking on Create.

How to Edit a Cost Center

To edit a cost center, click on the edit button on the right of a cost center’s row.

Edit a cost center

You can then make your changes to the cost center and then click on update in the bottom corner.

Update a cost center

Your changes will have been saved.

How to Delete a Cost Center

To delete a cost center, click on the delete button on the right of its row.

Delete a cost center

You will then have to confirm that you would like to delete the cost center.

Confirm delete

Your cost center will be deleted.