The Loome Agent

What is an Agent?

The agent is a piece of software that is installed in to your Azure subscription and allows communication from the Loome service. The agent is responsible for creation and management of Assist resources in your Azure subscriptions.

You have full control over what the agent can access and how it connects to your resources. The agent makes use of an Azure Managed Identity within your subscription. This allows you to control what resources the agent can access without storing credentials in Loome Assist and at no point are credentials and other information passed back from the agent to the Loome Service.

When new releases of the Loome agent are available, updating the agent is as easy as restarting the Azure Container Instance or running the agent installer PowerShell script again on an Azure Windows or Linux VM. Updates are optional, except where you wish to take advantage of new features.

You can even run multiple agents, this is useful where you have logical separation of resources across multiple subscriptions and wish to keep all access separate.

Next Steps