You have the option to add collaboration features such as chat and document storage for this tenant. Project Creators can then decide if they would like to use this in each individual project.

Collaboration screen

Microsoft Teams

If you have enabled collaboration using Microsoft Teams, when projects are created in Loome Assist a team that consists of your project members will be created in Microsoft Teams. Project users can then use the chat and document storage features of this team for that project.

Teams Collaboration

To use Microsoft Teams as your collaboration platform, select it here and you will then select an agent.

The managed identity configured in your agent will allow it to interact with Microsoft Teams.

Important: Additional agent configuration is required to enable Microsoft Teams. If you select this platform, the PowerShell commands you will need to run against Azure to allow each agent to create teams within Microsoft Teams will be displayed in the script field below your chosen agent.

Once you have selected an agent, you will have to copy and run the script here against Azure to allow the agent selected above to create teams within Microsoft Teams.

You will then be able to use the collaboration you have set up for your tenant when creating or editing a project.

Enabling Collaboration for a Project

When creating or editing a project, you will be asked whether you would like to add collaboration tools and document libraries after you have selected an account.

Select ‘Yes’ to enable collaboration.

If an administrator has set the collaboration settings to ‘No Collaboration’ you will not have this option to add collaboration tools and document libraries. Please contact your administrator to discuss your settings.

Project collaboration option

Once you have selected your account and enabled collaboration tools and document libraries, Loome will check that the account agent has been configured to manage Microsoft Teams.

Teams Collaboration

Once the project is created, a private team for this project will be created in Microsoft Teams.

The name of the team created in Microsoft Teams will be called ‘Loome Assist - “Your Project Name“’.

Teams Collaboration

In Microsoft Teams, Project Owners will be added as Owners, and other roles will be added as Members. Any guests in Microsoft Teams will be added as a ‘Reader’ to your project in Assist.

Users that are removed from Microsoft Teams will not be automatically removed as a member in the Loome Assist project. You can only remove a user from a project’s membership by editing the project in Loome Assist. To also remove a user from the Loome Assist tenant, you will also need to delete the user in Application Roles.

Please note that if you turn off collaboration settings, the project will be disassociated from the team. If you later decide to re-enable collaboration for a project, the previously existing group will be used. It will also modify members of the team according to the project membership. If a project is deleted while collaboration is turned on, it will also disassociate from Microsoft Teams.

How to use Collaboration and Documents in a Project

If you click on Collaborate or Document Library in the ‘My Actions’ slide-out in your project, it will direct you to the ‘Posts’ and ‘Files’ tabs respectively in Microsoft Teams.

To collaborate and view posts in Teams from this project, click on Collaborate.

Project - Collaborate

It will direct you to ‘Posts’ in Microsoft Teams.

Teams - Collaborate goes to 'Posts'

To access the document library in Teams from this project, click on Document Library.

Project - Document Library

It will direct you to ‘Files’ in Microsoft Teams.

Teams - Document Library goes to 'Files'