An affiliation can be a faculty name that you want to use to categorize your projects.

Find the following sections below:

How to Create an Affiliation

To create an affiliation, find ‘Affiliations’ in the top-right settings dropdown.

Affiliation menu

On this page, click on Add Affiliation at the top-right.

Add Affiliation

Type in the name of the affiliation you would like to create.

Add Affiliation

Click on Create to save and it will be ready to use in a project.

How to Edit an Affiliation

To edit an affiliation, click on the edit button on the right of an affiliation’s row.

Edit an affiliation

You can then make your changes to the affiliation and then click on update in the bottom corner.

Update affiliation

Your changes will have been saved.

How to Delete an Affiliation

To delete an affiliation, click on the delete button on the right of its row.

Delete an affiliation

You will then have to confirm that you would like to delete the affiliation.

Confirm delete

Your affiliation is then deleted.