Record Status

The status of your records can be configured so you can create your own status for different conditions. You can also select which status is displayed by default on the results page of a rule.

You can only change the status of records once you have run a rule.

How to Change the Default Status of Records

Once you have run a rule, click on edit to find the Record Status tab on the left.

Record Status

How to Add a New Status

You can add a new condition using the plus icon as shown in the image below.

This can be used to add a new condition in order to create an additional status for your records.

New condition

How to Edit a Status

To edit a status, first choose the column that you want to base the condition on.

Record Status

Then select the condition type in the next dropdown.

Record Status

If you would like to include null values in a ‘Contains’ or ‘Does not contain’ condition, you will need to create another condition using ‘Is Null’ or ‘Is Not Null’.

Please also note that the ‘Greater than’ condition does not include the value you have provided.

The next dropdown will provide all available values found in the column you previously selected.

Record Status

The values here will change according to the type of column, such as ‘true’ and ‘false’, as shown below, a calendar, number or text field.

Record Status

You can then type in the status that these records will be listed as.

Record Status

How to Delete a Condition

You can delete a condition using the bin icon on the right of a condition at the end of its row.

Record Status

How to Change the Conditional Order

You can drag and drop each condition to change the order that records will be processed.

Record Status

How to Reset All Conditions

You can reset all conditions to default values using the reset button shown below.

Record Status

When you have applied your own record statuses you can edit values in either status. If using the default status ‘Resolved’ it will apply to a row when you have resolved its issue, and so cannot be edited once resolved.

Default Status

You can also select which status is first displayed by default on the results page.

Record Status

Select from the default status dropdown. It will display all statuses created in the above section.

Record Status

Once you save and run this rule, you will find that this status will be displayed first when you view your results.

This will also be the default status used in communication rules. If you configure communication rules, this default status will be used to determine which rows will cause an email to be sent to users.