Database Creation

Follow the steps below to setup the initial database and service account access.

  • Open SQL Server Management Studio from the start menu
  • Connect to your database instance where the database will be stored
  • From the Object Explorer, right click on ‘Databases’ and select ‘New Databaseā€¦’


  • Enter IdentityServer or a name of your choosing under ‘Database name’
  • Click ‘OK’


  • From the ‘Object Explorer’, expand ‘Security’ and then right click on ‘Logins’ and select ‘New Loginā€¦’


  • Click on ‘Search’
  • Change the ‘From this location’ to ‘Entire Directory’
  • Find the service account that will run the Loome Identity IIS site
  • Click ‘OK’


  • Click on the ‘User Mapping’ section
  • Tick the box for the newly created database
  • Change the ‘Default Schema’ to ‘dbo’.
  • Under ‘Database role membership for database’ select ‘db_owner’
  • Click ‘OK’